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Fast-acting shortcuts to eliminating psoriasis and other similar skin conditions---- from MrShortcut

Diagnosed at 17 with this scourge; delayed by US Air Force doctor from entering service because of it. Dermatologist experimented with then-new fluocinolone acetonide .05% in a petrolatum base, with 15 minutes per day of sun.     Three weeks later was sworn into U.S. Air Force at Fort Hamilton in Brooklyn NY.

Recurrence over the years: several times, with varying severity.

Percentage of times effecting remission: 100

Psoriasis and other similar conditions probably have genetic predisposition factor. Manifestation itself is produced by poor stress management, and exacerbated by physical environments that encourage dry skin. Both are reversible, and treatable within minutes, sometimes just seconds.

Psoriasis itself is a form of neurodermatitus, establishing the connection between nerves and inflammation. If you're unwilling to focus on effective stress management, this document is designed to help with physical approaches that produce fast, effective alleviation of this particular misery. Psoriasis also falls into the category of cancer, which is a term used to describe what happens when your body decides to produce healthy cells at too high a rate.

In a nutshell, psoriasis (and some other similar afflictions) is when the body produces too many skin cells. A scratch, tear, or puncture to the skin, rather than producing the normal and expected number of replacement cells, elicits a frantic production at too-high levels. It's that simple. Even the normal 'shedding/replacement' process of skin is often affected by this condition. As always, stress management is the single most influential factor in the disease's appearance. Looking at the two component parts of the word 'disease' should explain it clearly enough.

For those who refuse to manage their stress intelligently, they can expect regular and ongoing bouts with this disruptive, unpleasant skin problem. That's why it has so frequently been referred to as 'the heartbreak of psoriasis." Now comes the good news.

One-conditionally guaranteed cure for psoriasis and similar conditions. The one condition? You must invest a total of one hundred seconds per day into getting rid of the symptoms, and when they disappear, keeping those symptoms away.

-- Keep in mind that moisturizers containing perfumes are bad news. Also, anything containing corticosteroids. No matter what your doctor tells you, steroids are bad news, and produce long-term damage. Not a full minute will be wasted justifying that statement, as it is irrefutably true.

-- Secondly, understand and remember that moisturizers do NOT in any way affect your psoriasis: they can only seal in natural moisture, and that's the entire foundation for this fast-acting, absolutely guaranteed method of treating and measurably reducing, if not eliminating, a disease that formal medicine has never made any true progress on: sealing in natural moisture, incl water.

1) First, wet your skin, with water. Tap water, bottled water, well water, just make sure it's fresh water. Everyone seems to have their own favorite way of doing so. Splashing it on, rubbing it on, soaking it in, just make sure that the affected area is plenty wet, enough for the water to really soak the area.

2) BEFORE YOUR SKIN IS THOROUGHLY DRY rub tiny, repeat tiny amounts of pure vaseline on. The less you use, the better it works. The more you rub it in (up to complete absorption) the better it works. It's important to know that the more you use per application, the less benefit it brings. You will NOT ruin your clothes because your skin is going to absorb all or nearly all of it.

If you have more than a square inch or two of affected area, you'll notice that, by the time you complete the task, the area you started in feels sort of dry again. RIGHT NOW, WHILE IT'S STILL PARTIALLY MOIST, rub another drop or two into that area, again, rubbing it in thoroughly.

NOTE: There are a few products, such as mineral oil or pure suntain oil that contain no perfumes or artificial ingredients that will also work efficiently. Further, most petroleum jelly products are not as pure as the container indicates. We know this because many of them cause the affected area to burn, itch, or otherwise feel uncomfortable. I've found steady success with real Vaseline, made by the company that owns the Vaseline brand of petroleum jelly. Hospital petrolatum is also free of impurities and works very well.

Follow this procedure no less than twice per day. If you have really bad psoriasis, do it three or four or even five times per day. Within a few days, a week at the most, at least eighty percent of your problem will have gone down to little or zero, as you shall soon see for yourself.

Within a far maximum of 15 20 days, you will notice that your symptoms are just a bare fraction of what they were at the beginning of the method, at which point you can now go back to doing it just once per day. You can further accelerate the process dramatically, and also put the affliction into total remission with ultraviolet.

Contrary to the claims of scientific ignoramuses who insist that the sun causes premature skin aging and skin cancer, the truth is, the sun causes premature skin aging and skin cancer to skin that is not properly treated. It is a perfect, undeniable fact that the rays of the sun are healthy, curative, energizing, loaded with important vitamins such as E and K... provided that the skin is treated properly.

A) When sunlight is allowed to pour down on dry skin, look out, damage is imminent.

B) When sunlight is poured all over wet, oily skin, it warms, heals, and, good news, cures a whole variety of skin problems. This has been true for thousands of years, and man's pollution of the atmosphere, while not very nice, is not even in the ballpark of altering that never-changing fact.

C) Most people, practicing foolish hygiene methods, come home from a day at the beach, and what's the first thing they do, (often not even waiting until they get home)? That's right, they take a shower. Now here is one really fine example of the exquisite stupidity of the human race, and why skin cancer has gone up: pride goeth before the fall; vanity and convenience supercede health factors.

You see, for the hours that we're out in the sun, the sun is literally cooking the skin, especially when it's properly coated with oils. It's how skin problems are gently cooked off.

NOTE ON SUNBLOCK: Sunblock is needed (initially) only for those with very pale skin. With medium or dark coloring, there is no benefit to sun block, only detriment, because you're preventing the benefits of the ultraviolet rays from going skin deep). All else is commercial hype designed to promote sales of products with artificial, and unhealthy ingredients. Sunlight is wonderfully healthy.

For many years I've used Hawaiian Tropic, or a generic equivalent, containing only natural emollients such as fruit oils when grabbing my five daily minutes of sunshine or a day at the beach

When out in the sun more than a few minutes,, the sun is causing the skin to cook. By no stretch of the imagination should you think that your skin stops cooking when it comes out of the sun. Good way to tell this is to place your hands flat against your sun-exposed skin even three to eight hours after coming out of the sun. You'll invariably find it's still hot to the touch. It's why you get darker and darker in the hours AFTER you come out of the sun than you do while you're in the sun. This is so simple; simple enough, in fact, that we overlook such simplicity in our eagerness to find more complicated reasons, explanations, causes, and excuses, rather than using simple techniques to good and beneficial effect. When we come out of the sun and artificially reduce the skin temperature with a shower and/or air conditioning, we specifically interfere with the natural process of the body, and its desire to cool down gradually; and we all know that it's just not nice to fool Mother Nature, any more than it's wise to fool WITH Mother Nature.

Let your body take its time cooling naturally, over the period of hours it determines on its own. This is much healthier, and goes far in curing the lesions that are the manifestation of psoriasis and several other similar skin conditions.

Yes, yes, your skin is all oily, and its inconvenient. No one says you have to stay completely oily; you can gently wipe, VERY gently wipe excess oil from your skin with a wet washcloth even a few minutes after you come out of the sun. Better to pat the oil off than to actively rub it off.

Ten or more times my psoriases has flared up in particularly stressful times, and ten or more times I've reduced it 90 to 100% within a matter of days simply getting sunshine after wetting and oiling up.


Let's face it: there are times when you have what amounts to a skin attack, and most of you psoriasis sufferers know precisely what this means, when the burning and itching are driving you to scratch and scratch, ending up with that horrid burning, and usually bleeding as well.

-- Wet the area and ice it. Immediately. Whether you put ice cubes in a cloth, or plastic bag, or directly on the burning skin area depends on precisely how badly it's burning and/or itching.

Decide for yourself on an event-by-event basis. Personally, I've just grabbed an ice cube and rubbed it on the area, gaining relief in seconds. Sometimes, when the burning goes away, there is still some itching, and you get that feeling that you just HAVE to scratch. If you do, better do so gently. It is better, and more effectively long-lasting if you instead take a cold, wet washcloth and gently gently gently run the affected area, so that you are softly removing all of the excess skin cells that are irritating the skin beneath the buildup of excess cells. Better to gently scratch the itch with something OTHER than your fingernails, a particularly disastrous tool which feels wonderful during those few seconds of scratching the itch away, and then up to a full day of hurtful burning/bleeding.

Softly rubbing away the excess skin cells that are the symptoms of this problem is still the best way.

Obviously, it works best when the affected area is actually under water, which shows us another expeditious way of applying this excellent, fast-acting method. Simply jump into the bathtub as its filling with less-than-hot water, even cool water if it's comfortable for you, and gently rubbing the affected areas with a dripping wet cloth. Then, thoroughly rub small amounts of Vaseline or oil in.

Not only have these methods worked for me, they work well for others, as well. Seems a good time to share it with you, since you and I definitely understand how unpleasant skin conditions can be.

I urge you to ignore so-called conventional wisdom.
If they knew better, they'd do better;   true or not?

I am free of those horrid little spots that brought a thousand hours of distress until figuring out just how effective these techniques are. Obviously, there are no dangers or chemicals, or significant expenses to these high-powered shortcuts to attaining relief from psoriasis and a half-dozen similar afflictions. A whole week of this treatment still takes less time, and just a tiny fraction of the effort and expense of going to just one appointment with a dermatologist. Here, you've gotten it from the horse's mouth, and there are only two ends of a horse dispensing information.       Thank me later.

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